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Every project presents its own challenges.  In a world with growing focus on energy conservation, lighting unfolds opportunities to consume less energy without compromise. We maintain a diverse knowledge of manufacturers and products, stay current with new technology and utilize lighting control systems.  Composing a design structured around these elements requires imagination unique to every project.


Not everything is lighted equally.  Lighting has the ability to persuade a mood, increase productivity, soothe, excite or calm.  The engineering behind lighting allows us to understand the footcandle and all its might!  Understanding light and how it interacts with surfaces allows for infinite possibilities.   We strive to understand the visual needs of people and the tasks performed to create environments conducive to these factors.


A first impression is important, but a lasting impression is better.  We create sustainable designs to be appreciated for years to come.  We believe in team collaboration to render the architecture the way the design team envisions.  In turn, the end product is an environment that excites people, encourages comfort, practicality and visual experience.

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